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Team & Fanwear Stores

Our stores are the easiest way to manage your team or fanwear ordering needs. Whether it's fundraising, parent pay, individual bagging or direct shipping, our turn-key solutions simplify the process to save you time and money.


Why do you offer the stores separately? Because timing, inventory and production time can vary so greatly. Keeping them separate allows for greater control, flexibility and efficiency.

Is there a set up cost? We build your store and do all the set up for free!

Can we do both Team and Fanwear stores? Absolutely. You can run both stores at the same time or stagger them according to your schedule. Your team expert will help you figure out timing.

How does it work? We will create your stores in 2-3 business days and send you the information to pass along to players and families to place their orders directly on the store page. After the store closes we process the orders, decorate your gear, and ship based on our current production times, which is on average 17 business days.

Do you stock your fanwear? How do you prevent delays? All items in our Sample Fanwear Store are stocked in our warehouse so if you can order it we guarantee you'll get it! We are one of the only companies to carry $100,000+ of fanwear to ensure timely delivery.

How many logos can I use for my fanwear store? Store pricing includes one logo per item. You can have up to two logos per store. Each logo can be up to three colors.

How does fundraising work? We will provide you a price for all items. Then you'll have the opportunity to mark up the prices and keep the difference. For example, if the listed price is $20, you can mark it up to $25 and keep the difference of $5, minus an approximate .03% processing fee (ex. $0.15 of the $5). We'll provide you all the breakdowns after the store closes.

How is payment handled? Players can pay for their orders with a credit card or one payment can be submitted by the team/club after the store closes.

Will you ship each order individually? We can either ship the orders individually or to a designated point of contact. Either way, each order is individually bagged for easy distribution.

Why do orders not ship until the store closes? We process all the orders at once, which can include decorating, packing, organizing, etc. Doing this is much efficient for us, which equals savings for you.

Can I receive the order by Christmas/the holidays? Due to the timing between tryouts and the holidays, as well as the challenges of getting families to order within the designated timeframe, it cannot be a 100% guarantee.

Can my Team store be blank items so I can decorate locally? Absolutely! Assuming all items are available we can process and ship a team store with blank items in 3-5 days.

When do the stores open and close? Once we have all the necessary information we will build your custom store within 2-3 business days. Most stores stay open no more than week 1-2 weeks. Team stores are much more time-sensitive and generally are only open once. Fanwear stores can be re-opened at your request although we strongly recommend only opening these twice for maximum ordering opportunities.

What happens if parents missed the deadline? Can they still order? Yes, unless there are availability issues. However, processing add-on orders individually is very expensive which we cover most of. That said, there is a minimum $25 fee per order and in some cases it could be higher. Your sales specialist will work closely with you to find the best solution.

What is the shipping cost? Shipping is $10 which covers the cost of shipping and individually bagging each order.

What kind of decoration can we offer in a team or fanwear store? We can print or embroidery your logo or you can choose from anything we offer on our Personalization Details page. In either case, we will work with you to limit the number of logos, apparel and colors. In our experience, this is always a better outcome then a more complicated store.

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